How top B2B brands leverage event data and intelligence into ongoing nurturing campaigns

Marketers site events as one of the top three sources for generating leads according to Demand Gen Report’s 2016 Demand Generation Benchmark Report. It goes without saying, that events are a huge asset to marketers and their companies. Through all stages of the event life cycle, marketers are able to capture valuable buyer behavior and insights from their attendees. The challenge is what to do with all the data. Marketers are looking for more concrete examples on how to use event data collected from event management software and mobile apps in their overall marketing mix.  This ebook breaks down how senior level marketers can leverage event management software within their overall marketing strategy and how to integrate the event data collected to increase ROI.   


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What You'll Learn

Where to find the most valuable data from your events and at what stage of your event to leverage it

How to integrate the data into your overall marketing mix to measure and increase event ROI

Real life examples from marketers on how they are using event data

Learn today, the impact that big data has on event marketing!

Throughout this eBook, get real-life examples and insight from etouches clients, industry experts and event organizers on how big data plays a large role in their event success.