what you don't know about ROI

and why it matters to your events and your enterprise


    you will learn:

  1. ROI is more than just one number or definition
  2. The importance of strategy when it comes to events
  3. Identifying ROI takes more than just surveys; you need the right tools
  4. Choosing the right KPIs are crucial to measuring &
    interpreting your event results
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about the whitepaper:

In a recent etouches and BizBash survey, one in four event professionals surveyed identified ROI as the most important challenge for their organization. People still don’t have a concrete grasp on what ROI is and how to use it to understand their events. ROI is more than just one single measurement or definition. It is made up of strategies and KPIs that will allow you to track the success of your event endeavors with the help of a strategic meeting management program. Learn how to implement a process within your organization that will allow you to track logistics, management processes, marketing and more to help your team achieve positive event ROI.


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